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Give your eyes a Celebrity appearance with 757 Lashes LLC

The secret is out! Ordinary people have cracked the code. We have all wondered at one point or another, how do celebrities manage to always look glamorous? It’s Eyelash Extensions & Permanent makeup! The hottest trend for getting that celebrity appearance and staying on top of fashion trends is eyelash extensions & Permanent Makeup. Eyelash extensions & Permanent Makeup gives you that glamorous celebrity look. Say goodbye to applying and removing the layers and layers of makeup and mascara. Eyelash extensions & Permanent Makeup may be your answer to achieving that movie star look around the clock. Eyelash extensions will enhance your natural lashes with more length, volume, and lift. While Permanent Makeup helps you look more youthful and fresh. Permanent makeup will make getting ready a breeze and save you time and money with applying and removing makeup. Get the look of your dreams today, whether that look is a more natural or even dramatic look, we have the expertise to deliver.

757 Lashes LLC, understand the market’s latest trends and the demand from our clients to give them a natural yet stylish look with our services. We are Licensed experts in Permanent Makeup application, as well as Mink Lash Extensions with vast knowledge in this domain and the anatomy of the eye. We are devoted to accomplishing the aspiration of our clients to enhance their appearance. We are specialists in the cosmetic beauty domain from emu services, and brow tinting to eyelash extensions. We cover all by emphasizing the eyes. We use superior quality products and modern techniques to accomplish your aspiration and make sure that you are satisfied with our service.  

What other services do we provide?

Whenever you are browsing for the best eyelash extensions near me, every time you are going to find 757 Lashes LLC at the top of the search results. The reason is, our vast range of beauty services with successful implementation makes our clients fall for us. For every service, we are highly devoted and give priority to every single person to obtain an optimum and successful result. Our other beauty services are:

– Permanent Makeup Services: 

– Ombre Brow/ Powder Brows

– Lip Neutralization

– Lip Blushing

– Wax Service

– Eyelash Extensions

– Henna Brow tint

– Brow Wax

– Brow shaping

– Mink Lashes

– Lash Removal

– Lash Fill-ins

– Volume Lashes

– Classic Lashes

– Wispy Lashes

– Cat eye Lashes

– Mega Volume Lashes

– Hybrid Lashes

– And much more.

We adhere to strict hygiene practices and ensure that every single thing goes as per safety guidelines. We stick to our pledge of offering Top tier eyelash extension services and eyebrow services with the utmost professionalism so that every single client can obtain their desired look

Why choose us?

Being the best lash beauty salon, we treat our clients courteously and professionally. We offer superb quality eyelash extensions that are semi-permanent and last for a very long time and natural -painless Permanent makeup application. We always take into account the client’s vision and requests to produce efficient results. As you can see by our reviews our clients adore us, which keeps us motivated to serve more efficiently in the same manner. If you are interested in adding a little glamour to your eyes for that celebrity look or planning a unique look for any formal event or informal occasion, look no further than 757 Lashes LLC,  for any further inquiries reach out to our team now. 


Niyah Thompson
Niyah Thompson
It was great! And love my lashes very much
Jordan R
Jordan R
Camia is very professional! I loved my lashes and my brows. I had a wonderful experience!
Jasmine Cooper
Jasmine Cooper
Amazing and super accommodating! she’s so nice and the service was a breeze. professional, no pain or irritation i love her !
Lili Canga
Lili Canga
my eyelashes turned out wonderful, thank you very much CAM!!
Latoya Price
Latoya Price
My Lashes look so good!! I’ve been looking for a great, consistent lash tech in the 757 area and I found one!
Andrea Cruz
Andrea Cruz
Rain or shine, the job will be done!!! I got classics and they still look amazing 2 weeks later, amazing retention!! Gotta book my fill soon to get these two lashes I’ve lost 🤣 Fantastic service and the cutest studio. Definitely recommend!!!!!
Great experience…Fantastic job. Very pleased with my lashes. Nice atmosphere. I will return
N. Bradett
N. Bradett
Camia!!!! Why are you so perfect ???! This was my first lash set with Camia and will not be the last. She is very professional and keeps you informed during the appointment. Camia also shows and explains to you the different curl styles and let's you pick what will compliment your eyes the best. In addition to a fresh lash set. I also opted for Henna brows which came out great. Oh, let's not forget her vibe which is top notch. From her taking her time to perfect your set to having a great vibe makes for the perfect lash experience. If you book with Camia, 757 Lashes, LLC you will not be dissapointed!
Rita Taylor
Rita Taylor
Excellent work, I’m always pleased. Timely appointments, I never wait past scheduled appointment time. Has never burned, irritated or fumes in my eyes. Very good technician


Hampton, VA

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