Your eyelashes are an eye-catching feature of your face. They are an important factor in giving a beautiful shape to your eyes and help in providing the desired look for your face. Eyelash extensions can also help you in switching up your looks based on your preference. There are several eyelash style options for those who want to experiment with their appearance. Lash extensions are an excellent method for enhancing the curl, length, and thickness of the natural lash.

Eyelash extensions add youthfulness, drama, and a little flare to the eyes.
These incredible lash services are available if you want to add a natural-looking lash enhancement to a more dramatic standout look:
1. Classic Lashes
This one-to-one technique is achieved by gluing one lash extension to each single natural eyelash. This technique offers natural-looking lash enhancement.

The actual thickness of the classic lash extensions can vary and is determined by the health of the client’s natural lashes: You can go from .10-.20mm

2. Hybrid Lashes
Hybrid lash technique mixes classic and volume lashes for a 70-40 mix, for a different type of staggered style. The technician will alternate applying lashes in both the classic and volume technique, for a combination of natural with some fullness.

3. Volume Lashes
Volume lash extension technique is where the technician attaches multiple lash extensions to each natural lash. These are formed into 2D, 3D, fans, and even up to 10D to create a fanned-out look for a more fuller and fluffy appearance.

Sometimes, salons will use clustered lash extensions to create this style, which allows the technician to work faster.


4. Cluster Lash extension style
Cluster lash extension is a technique not similar to the others. This technique offers the client a faster service time and more affordable service. This style can create anywhere from a hybrid look to a volume look. This style is not as waterproof as the others however, This is a great option if you are short on time and need a little glam
Cluster lash styles range in length from short, to medium, Long, etc.


5. Russian Style
Russian style is a category of volume lashes. This technique is typically applied in a fanned-out shape. The technician will use very fine individual lashes, gluing as many as 4-6 extensions to form a fan and applying each fan per lash to create a fuller look. This technique is sometimes also called “Full Volume” or “Mega Volume”.

The density of the natural lash line will determine the outcome along with the client’s style preference, this will also have an impact on the procedure of your eyelash extension services. We would be glad to schedule a consultation with one of our lash experts and assist you in choosing the best course of action. Please get in touch with 757Lashes LLC today to learn more about our eyelash extension services.

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